• Welcome to the RIPE Envirotech Website

    RIPE (Research in Purification Equipment), a water treatment research company managed by professor who is included in national “1000-talent plan”.

    Each staff in RIPE is an environmental protection guardians

    Protecting environment and realizing cleaner water is our responsibility!

    RIPE focus on independent research

    Multifunctional organic sorbing material with own intellectual-property rights fills the technical and products blank of domestic depth treatment oil water in low content.

    People-oriented, Safety-first

    Ensure our employees' health and safety before research and business is one of the core parts of our business culture.

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    Products For Oily Waste Water Treatment products Electric Desalting Products Filter Element and other spare parts
    Water Treatment Expert
    Oily Wastewater Treatment solution and system supplier
    High salinity wastewater treatment solution and system supplier
    Water reuse technology and system supplier
    Pure water and ultrapure water technology and system supplier
    Core Technology
    Membrane filtration technology
    Efficient adsorption
    Electric desalting
    Catalytic oxidation